Salmon Creek Weekly Highlights

Here is what you can expect to see at the market this week!

August 20 at the Salmon Creek Farmers’ Market at Legacy Hospital

Big hit at the market….That’s Good Garlic!!  Battle Ground’s Karla Van Schoiack with popular whipped garlic sauce – a delicious product from locally-sourced ingredients.

 Get fresh with figs, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, greens, and more.  Sunrise Bagels will be back with multiple bagels – toasted – with cream cheese! 

Lazy dayz of summer are upon us and with it the heat and height of the SW Washington harvest season. Look for all the stuff that you want to can, dry, chop, and eat fresh – all grown by your neighbors on farms in our neighborhoods.

It’s critical to support our local food producers, because if we don’t, they can’t continue to produce.  And if they don’t produce, we may face a time when we have few options for food.

The Salmon Creek Farmers Market at Legacy Hospital supports local-to-SW-Washington farms and food producers, small businesses and stewards of our land and earth.  Join us in continuing to buy and to encourage all of these hardworking folks.


Sassy Creek

Montes Salsa

Gently Loved Books


More Bees Soap

Bob’s Woodworking

BizKidz: Ella Thompson

Popcorn Cove

Jim’s Gourmet Mustard

Nature’s Authority

Munoz Berry Farm

Hummus Hummus

That’s Good Garlic

Mason Farm

Manja Creations

Coyote Ridge Ranch

Honey Bee Girl

Herr Family Flower Farm

Stoney Goat Ag Collective

Harvest of Peace

Krier Farm


Sunrise Bagels

Jacki’s Heirloom Garden

River Wave Foods

Woodland’s Best LLC

Rainy Day Bibs

Suburban Succulents

Beck’s Originals

Ewesfluffy Fiber

Mandi Vee

Remember….we are rain or shine, heat or cold.  We accept credit/debit and EBT, offering Fresh Match of up to $5 to our friends using their SNAP cards.  Approved farm vendors accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks.  Free paper bags available.  










Thanks to our sponsor!





Legacy Salmon Creek

2211 NE 139th St, Vancouver, WA 98686



Legacy Salmon Creek