Question: I’m looking for lettuce but can’t find it at the SCFM.

In fact, there are usually farmers that sell lettuce, but at the beginning of the market season. Lettuce is a cool weather vegetable and does not do well when the weather gets hot. So you see it when the nights are cool (up until late June).

Question: Do the market’s vendors resell produce? (This was asked in conjunction with the recent E.coli incident which tainted strawberries from a farm in Newberg, Oregon)

The SCFM rules state that reselling is allowed, but only from approved farms. We provide farm-of-origin signage so that customers can see where their food is coming from. Our local SW Washington farms almost never resell.

It may be that there is, at some point, a community table in which farmers can sell their product, although the farmer may not be present.

If you have any questions regarding the farm products sold at the Salmon Creek Farmers’ Market, please don’t hesitate to call Ann Foster, 574-5093 or email It’s a good thing to know where your food is coming from.

Question: “What is your policy on bringing dogs to the Salmon Creek Farmers’ Market?”

Here’s the Answer: Is your dog joining you at the market? If so, and in an effort to do the right thing, we ask that those of you bringing your dog(s) to the market follow some simple rules; a respect for these guideliness can make the difference between a positive epxerience for everybody and a situation of bad feelings: 1) Crowded situations are not for every dog, so if your dog is not at his best in such situations, don’t put him in them. 2) Don’t let your dog jump on people or lick them unless you know they are okay with that. 3) Know the signs of stress in dogs. Watch for any indications that your dog is no longer having a good time, and if that happens, be willing to leave even if you’d rather stay a bit longer. 4) Don’t let dogs greet each other unless both guardians have agreed that it’s okay and, lastly, 5) Keep your dog on a short leash through the market so that you can keep him under control.

Question: “Debit and credit card availability?”

Both markets have both debit and credit card availability, as well as EBT benefits – all at the Information Booth. The market uses tokens or “market money” when running transactions at the Information Booth. All vendors take the tokens; and they have no expiration date.




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