Salmon Creek Weekly Highlights

Here is what you can expect to see at the market this week!

CORN and more CORN – from local Woodland’s Behrensen Farm, sold by Danielle Davis of Yellow Door Farm in LaCenter.  Freshly picked!

September 25!  Look for corn, eggplant, greens, heirloom tomatoes, apples, pears, grapes, honey, peppers, carrots…..and more.  It’s harvest season on SW Washington and it’s been a great year for growing lots of fruits and veggies.  Visit farmers from Red Truck Farm, Jacki’s Heirlooms, Stoney Goat, Gifts of the Planet, Woodland’s Best, Coyote Ridge Ranch, J&J Flowers, Herr’s Family Farm – and be proud of our local food economy.

NEW, joining us this week!  Ewesfluffy Fibers from Battle Ground: Local Wool Products made from their flock of Romney Sheep including wool dryer balls, fleece, spinning and felting fiber, and upcycled wool rugs and kitchen accessories made from recycled wool blankets and selvage.

Season’s over for raspberries from Munoz Berry Farm….we’ll see them next year!

Vendors on Tuesday:

Sassy Creek Nursery, starts, perennials

Woodland’s Best LLC, tomatoes, apple cider

Manja Creations, handcrafted caramels, handmade pasta and tomato sauce

Coyote Ridge Ranch – late summer veggies

Danielle Davis/Honey Bee Girl – pure honey, lavender, apples, eggs, blueberries in season

Herr Flower Farm

Red Truck Farm – late summer veggies

Popcorn Cove

Jacki’s Heirlooms, produce and perennials

Mandi Vee jewelry

House of the Rising Buns, baked goods

Peggy’s Handmade Chocolates

Deborah Waer, chair massage

Deborah Berreth, handcrafted greeting cards

Melon Heads, for infants

SoulBeautiful, crafted glass

More Bees Soap, bees wax soaps

Montes Family Foods, SALSA!

Murphy’s Gourmet Mustard

Ewesfluffy Fibers, products and fibers from Romney Sheep

Our final Tuesday for the regular season is October 2.

We invite you to join us on October 30 for our Harvest-Halloween Farmers Market from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the entrance to the hospital. Always fun for corn stalks, pumpkins, fall flowers, ghosty things and goblin-y treats.

The vendors appreciatively serve their locally-produced, locally-crafted and locally-grown products to our friends at Legacy, Vancouver Clinic, the medical complexes surrounding the hospital.  Legacy and the Salmon Creek Farmers’ Market, of course, welcome the public.

Remember our Salmon Creek Farmers Market Rewards Cards?  We’ve had many finishers already, and it’s only mid September.  We have another four Tuesdays to go. .For a list of vendors participating with us this season, please see the list below.

For a roster of vendors attending week to week, please go to

Interested vendors can apply using, the market’s vendor recruitment website after February 1, 2019.

Questions regarding the 2018 season can be sent to


FACT: Did you know that the average veggie takes 7 DAYS and travels 1,500 miles to your store????  THINK what the difference in taste, nutrient density, impact on the environment is when you purchase that veggie freshly harvested from your local farm 10 miles away. THINK that that veggie only took four hours to that farmers’ market.

FACT: Did you knnow that farmers markets are one reason sales of local and regional foods grew to $11 billion?  And that was in 2011….imagine what it is now!  (USDA, 2011)

FACT: Did you know that 98% of the food we eat in Clark County is shipped in from other areas?  Should a catastrophe take place, we would be running out of food as a region in 3 days. (WSU Extension, 2017)

We welcome a return in 2018 of our partner without whom this market couldn’t be sustained: Thanks to: Our friends at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital.



Coyote Ridge Ranch, diverse produce (certified organic), eggs

Charter Oak Farm, annuals, perennials

Gifts of the Planet, berries, fruits

Herr Farmily Farm, fresh-cut flowers

Honey Bee Girl, La Center-poured honey, lavender, sustainably-grown blueberries, corn (in season), eggs

Krier’s Farm, diverse produce, eggs

Red Truck Farm, diverse produce (certified organic), eggs

Sassy Creek Nursery, starts

Jacki’s Heirloom Garden, perennials, annuals, veggie starts, diverse produce (in season)

Stoney Goat Ag Collaborative, diverse produce

Urban Snail, diverse produce (starting July 17)

Munoz Farms, berries (in season)

Jones Farm, blueberries (in season)


Salmon River Smokehouse, smoked salmon

Popcorn Cove, popped corn, flavored

Pacific Popsicles, handcrafted, freshly-made with fruit popsicles

NWNut, famous NW roasted nuts, chocolate-covered

Murphy’s Gourmet Mustard, gourmet mustards

Peggy’s Handmade Chocolates, handcrafted, artisan chocolates

House of the Rising Buns, Felida-based baked goods, breads

Nature’s Authority, Salmon Creek-made arnica lotions

More Bees Soap, Vancouver-made with bees wax, handcrafted soaps, lotions, balms

Montes Family Food, fresh salsas

Tea Hunter and Coffee, diverse teas and roasted coffee beans

Manja Creations, pastas, sauces, caramels – handcrafted


Hummus Hummus, Middle-Eastern food


Samba’s Baskets, handwoven

Becca Horne Shirt and Towel Designs

Soulbeautiful Glass Creations

Melon Heads, pillows for infants

Mandi Vee, handmade jewelry, accessories

Deborah Berreth, greeting cards

J-J Flowers, birdhouses, flowers





Three Creeks Library

Pacific Source

Pink Lemonade Project

Costco Organics

Legacy Salmon Creek


Deborah Waer, certified massage therapist

Clark County Food Bank

Zen Reflexion, foot massage equiipment









Thanks to our sponsor!

Legacy Salmon Creek

2211 NE 139th St, Vancouver, WA 98686

Legacy Salmon Creek